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So what is Rocky Mountain Naturals all about anyway?

At RockyMountainNaturals we are all about the best foods to help you achieve your Optimal health and Optimal weight.  But rather than focus on counting calories or suggesting products that ramp up metabolism and give you the jitters or weight loss “pills,” we believe clean food and controlling the appetite is the most beneficial.

So we are focused on a few main things:

1. What the best foods are to eat.

2. How to control Appetite naturally with good foods and minimal ingredients.

3. Have fun and learn about new products.

4. We favor Non-GMO foods and Organic foods.



We have attended Expo East and Expo West where the Organic foods and new products are showcased. These products greatly impressed us from the Expo West 2015.  The images from the Expo posted here are not polished quality as they were taken with our phones. But we wanted to share them with you nonetheless.



We believe appetite control can begin with what foods are chosen.  Many foods will possess a dense nutritional profile – meaning you get maximum nutrition with few calories.  When you body signals that it is receiving the nutrients it needs to operate, it reduces the signals of hunger and stops asking you to feed it!

Other foods provide certain fats, such as almonds, that help tell the body that you are getting full with fewer food and calories.  We like these foods and think they are the “best foods” to eat.

We also like foods such as Coconut Oil that provides lauric acid that is a rare nutrient in foods.  Half the fat in Coconut oil is lauric acid which is converted into monolaurin and is a powerful anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti virus. In fact coconut Oil takes the #1 spot on our list of top foods.  It is simply amazing and we want you to know why.


We believe natural appetite control is superior to ramping the body up to a constant excitement level to burn off calories.  Using a natural appetite suppressant allows normal body system functions but allows you to simply ignore snacks and foods in between meals.

We have watched the research one particular appetite control ingredient and it clinical trials have provided outstand results.  So much so that a couple top weight loss companies have now included this ingredient into some of their new products as the appetite control portion of a “diet supplement.”

I have also been able to meet, talk with and interview the CEO of the distribution company for this product.  His passion for people’s health and for fighting against GMOs is inspiring and unrelenting.  I have seen the difference in this company and this particular product, compared to the mass produced diet supplements which are focused on marketing and profits.  The difference is significant.


We like to watch for new products and companies and have begun posting about those.  One example is Jackson’s Honest Chips, a recent addition into the chips and snacking products area.

I had the opportunity to talk with Megan Reamer, the founder and owner of Jackson’s Honest Chips on several occasions and have interviewed her about not only her products but about the passion behind the founding of that company.  What an amazing story of how healthy fats helped save her son and heal him from some of his severe health issues.  She has learned what we also know: There are fats that harm and fats that heal.

Jacksons’ Chips are made using coconut oil only, the only chips made in coconut oil.  While still a snack, it provides heirloom potatoes and healthy coconut oil as you snack.  Those are the types of foods we think are the best to eat.  Ones that strongly promote deep health or at least provide some benefit while replacing extremely bad food options.  We are not affiliated in any way with Jacksons, or some other of the other companies we report on. We recommended and report on what we believe in and what we have examined and are familiar with.  The focus is on what actually provides benefits for the readers and moves them towards more optimal health.


The Non-GMO movement has really gathered steam and we support this movement and support the consumers’ right to know what they are eating and have the opportunity to make their own educated choice.  GMO foods (Genetically Modified Organisms) have been suggested as strongly linked to many diseases.  In studies rats have grown large tumors when eating GMO foods.  When tracking different variables, there appears to be a strong correlation between the proliferation of Genetically modified foods and autism and other serious health issues.

The most common crops in the United States, cotton, corn, soy and canola average over 90% genetically modified.  These GMOs also then require even more pesticides, not less, to be used, dumping millions of pounds of pesticides into our soils and waterways each year.

Literally hundreds of doctors have conducted their own independent private tests and found when taking patients off any Genetically modified foods and requiring everything to be Non-GMO foods, all manner of issues from chron’s disease to skin problems have cleared up completely.


We are passionate about supporting the non-GMO movement and other organizations that promote optimal health.  Organizations such as National Kale Day we believe have a positive impact on people’s lives.

There are also other factors such as detoxifying that help control our weight.


We are glad you found RockyMountai Naturals.com.  More about us and how we approach the information we include on this site can be found on our home page.  We hope you move closer to your optimal health and weight