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In your search for Food and Health information, we are glad you have found RockyMountainNaturals! So how can you best use this site and what will you find here?

In 2011 we started our food store at with the commitment to carry only certified non-GMO food and products.  We also wanted to provide these at the lowest prices possible.  And in fact we now have a low price guarantee.

We have now started this website to highlight some of our products, provide news on our store and information on the organic food industry.

We are focused on sharing our love of improving health through not only exercise, of course, but good food and secondarily through proper weight control.

So what makes our store and website us different and beneficial for you?


Bringing Exposure to Lesser Known Brands

Fresh picked lettuce cropped 300There are a lot of sites focused on the same big issues and same large companies. While we follow those and focus on them as well, we like to seek out the brands that are hidden gems as well. The smaller brands, companies and products that are lesser known but are extremely beneficial.  Many of these we provide for sale as well.

It is often the lesser known, small brands that make the true innovations and bring us truly revolutionary and breakthrough products. This happens over and over in the health area.

Rocky Mountain Naturals is based in Utah and Colorado and has grown steadily the past 3 years and is now undergoing a period of major growth, also offering frozen and refrigerated foods shipped within two days of its distribution center. With the frozen foods, our store is really unique. As well, we have begun constructing produce growing greenhouses over a 30 area plot that will add fresh produce to the product line up.


We Interview and Talk with Company Owners


jacksons family cropped 300Jackson’s Honest Chips is the type of company which is not that well known but we think everyone should learn of them.

Jackson’s Honest Chips, the world’s only chips made with coconut oil. This company has actually become more well know the past 2 years which is a very positive move for consumers.

I was fortunate enough to interview Meagan Reamer, the founder in 2014 and have posted that video interview on this site. It is one of the very few interviews she has made. These are the types of sources of information we want to share.

We have been fortunate to get to know the founders of many smaller health and nutritional companies and will continue to add interviews and information from them with our readers.


Living Nutz Interview

almonds bagOne of the more colorful and interesting interviews we have done is with Davey, the owner of Living Nutz.  Living Nutz provides true raw nuts including imported almonds that have not been pasteurized, thereby retaining their true beneficial nutritional profile. They also have a line of seasoned nuts that are some of the strongest tasting and delicious flavored nuts anywhere.

They are priced definitely on the high end but are an incredible treat. The flavored nuts are soaked for 3 days and slowly flavored, providing a raw yet sprouted nuts teeming with nutrients that are readily absorbed by the body due to being sprouted.

This is a company that more people should become familiar with.

Keeping a Finger on the Pulse of Organics

In addition to interviews and talking with some industry insiders being a good part of our mission, we also like to attend events such as the natural foods Expo East and Expo West and 2015 was no exception.


Companies We Like

One company we really like is Boku Superfood company. Their Boku Super Foods Bars are absolutely delicious and packed with several sprouts in addition to the super protein and almond butter. This is often a breakfast for us. A couple Boku Bars with some Vitamin D3 and Fish Oil. When wanting a lighter meal or in a hurry – that is my go to breakfast and it carries more nutrition than most people get in a whole day.

So we have reviewed this company as well. One reason is that you will not find these bars in any local health food store. They are carried at a limited number of online retailers as well. One reason is that if they were at a local health food store, they would have to be priced so high that few would buy them. They are high end, potent, real food in a great tasting bar. You can see our review of 6 top food bars including Boku here.

Another brand we really like is a natural appetite suppressant called Appethyl which is an extract from Spinach.  It excels especially where other diet products fail to work – helping those suffering from Hedonic Hunger.  We like this as it has had no reported side effects in any studies and all study participants benefiting from it.

There are also foods that by themselves help reduce your appetite when eating them. We discuss 12 of these foods here.


Another product we will review soon is Cardio Miracle, perhaps the best formulated nitric oxide product to have ever been made available.  As it is finally on the market the past few months, we have a scheduled interview with the owner in January of 2016 and will then post information on this remarkable product which is based on the 1998 Noble Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Raw Food Smoothies and Juices

Which brings up our way of looking at food. Food, when consumed , either feeds health or disease. We believe the best foods that can be chosen are those containing a high nutrition to calorie ratio.

Raw foods should be a good portion of a diet with smoothies and juices being a great way to get more raw vegetables. We do eat some processed food, but like to keep that at a lesser amount. And we eat cooked food often as well.

Our deserts range from frozen coconut milk treats to frozen grapes which are extremely satisfying, to chips and salsa. And we snack on Jacksons Honest Chips as well.


To Your Health

More information about us can be found on our About Us page.

Again we are glad you have found us and we hope you look around and learn from our reviews of products and companies that you may not have heard of before. These are not always the mainstream for even natural foods but are the ones that will give you the more powerful effect for your dollars spent on your health.

Here’s to your health and the good foods that will help you on your journey to optimizing your body’s functioning and feeling Great!